Servicing Lubbock and surrounding areas

We're the Boy Scouts of the Tow Truck Industry


Reliable Heavy Towing Services in Lubbock, TX

Red Raider Wrecker Inc. offers roadside assistance and light towing services for tractor trailers, buses, semis, and other heavy vehicles. Call us today at 806-687-5076.

  • Towing for trucks, campers, buses, box vans, semis, and RVs

  • Towing of oil field equipment, dump trucks, gravel trucks

  • Winching services - to pull your vehicle out of mud or snow

  • Towing for tractor trailers

  • Vehicle storage facility

  • Parking lot enforcement

Comprehensive heavy towing services

Red Raider Wrecker Inc. is a locally owned and operated business that has a quick turnaround time.


You can rely on us to tow anything, from SUVs and boats to motorcycles and campers. Get roadside assistance services for flat tires and lockouts.

Safe and secure towing services

Call us for 24/7 emergency towing services.


Our vehicle storage facility is fitted with security cameras for the safety of your vehicle. We also attend to law enforcement calls.

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